Browsing & Searching

Notes on File Arrangement may assist with the searching/browsing instructions below.


Browsing is the recommended method

  • to see the extent and arrangement of digital material on this site and,
  • to explore the material within each collection.

The top menu BROWSE COLLECTIONS heading takes you the main browse page for this website.

1. Clicking on Browse all Collections displays the names of the main collections and any associated 'sub-collections' (or Series/Folder Groups).

2. Clicking on an individual collection name displays only the records for that collection.

In either case, clicking on the collection name generates a list of all items in that collection.

Clicking on a sub-collection heading name generates a list of items in that particular folder group only.

[At a later date it may be possible to browse (1) by 'assigned 'Tags' and (2) through metadata headings/values like 'Subject'.]


There are presently two search methods available.

[At a later date, it may be possible to search for terms (1) by assigned 'Tags'  and (2) within the text of PDF files.]


A search term entered in the search box at top-right of screen should return a list of all records containing that word. The left-hand column of the search result indicates whether the record is a Collection, Item, File or 'Simple Page' (Creator' and 'Selections' screens).


This option will only search for data about ''Items' (individual document folders).

Click on main menu SEARCH heading

[Note: The resulting screen offers 'Browse All' (functional) and 'Browse by Tag' (not yet functional). We are concerned here only with the 'Search Items' option].

1. Search for Keywords

Use the search term entry box at the top of the Search Items page.

Enter search term(s) but, remember, this advanced/keyword search will not find data in Collections, Files or 'Simple Pages' ('Creator' and 'Selections' screens).

2. Search limiters

The various options below the 'Search for Keywords' box offer a diverse range of alternate search options, including restricting the search to particular collections and/or particular data field.

You can use as many of the search limiters as you like, or none.

Press 'Enter' to conduct the search; you do not have to scroll down the screen to the 'Search for Items' button.

See more information on searching here.


IF you have any difficulty with the searching methods or have further questions, please contact us directly by email: chart[at] 


Page Updated: 30 August 2017