Thanks To

Those responsible for making this Timor digital archives project possible include:

CHART Members & Staff

John Waddingham, Archivist/Manager (metadata, website design & construction)

Christine Perkins & Joaquim Soriano Viana (administration, scanning, file management)

Cecily Gilbert (metadata, editorial).

CHART Board: Bill Armstrong AO, Pat Walsh AM OTL, Prof. Michael Leach, Dr Susana Barnes, Dr Hannah Loney, Cecily Gilbert.


Various individual donors and especially the Government of Timor-Leste for general grants to CHART 2014-16.

Early Technical Assistance/Guidance

Meredith McCullough, Rick Truong and Ben Kruenen at University of Melbourne.

Site Testing

Thanks to Luis Pinto, Peter Job, David Webster, Pat Walsh, Michael Leach, Clinton Fernandes and, especially, Cecily Gilbert and Christine Perkins for comments on the website before public release.


Our limited technical and financial resources pointed us to Omeka for a 'digital library' system manageable by ordinary mortals. In turn, Omeka pointed us to Reclaim which we have found to be supportive, very responsive website hosts.



Page Updated: 30 August 2017